Neck Surgery


If you have noticed a strange lump in your neck or in front of you ear, you should not wait to have it evaluated since it could be something serious. Although most neck masses turn out to be nothing important, some could turn out to be something very serious like a malignancy and time is of the essence. The sooner it is diagnosed, the greater the chance of a cure if it unfortunately happens to be a malignancy.

Dr. Behin can biopsy your neck mass with the use of a small needle in the office to determine if any further intervention is needed. If surgery is needed, he is fully trained to remove neck masses, perform thyroidectomies, parotidectomies, removal of the submandibular gland and other procedures in the neck while persevering the multitude of nerves that criss cross in the neck’s deep tissue. These nerves include the ones used for speaking, moving the shoulder, lips, forehead, eyelid and tongue as well as sensation to various parts of the head and neck. If you have noticed a lump in you neck or face, please call for a full evaluation.