Nose and Sinus


Millions of Americans suffer from diseases of the nose sinuses including sinusitis and nasal polyps or a crooked septum. A stuffy or runny nose may not just be a simple cold. If these symptoms last for more than a week the diagnosis of Sinusitis should be considered. Although most cases of sinusitis can be treated with medications, some require surgical drainage. Nasal polyps can block the drainage of the sinuses and cause fluid build up in the sinuses that require the removal of the polyps and drainage of the sinus. If you can only breath through one side of the nose, then you may have a crooked septum.

Dr. Behin always tries to every avenue of medical treatment before considering a surgical option. If you do require surgery, you should rest assured that Dr. Behin uses the latest technology including intraoperative image guided navigation, which uses an individuals CT scan to build a 3D model of the patient’s sinuses inside a computer, to safely and effectively remove polyps or open up and drain the sinuses. If your inability to breath through your nose, constant runny nose or pressure in your sinuses are making you uncomfortable, please call for a full evaluation.

Dr. Babak Behin and the physicians at Bergen Hudson ENT LLC treat patients with Nose and Sinus disorders, Throat disorders, Ear disorders, Dizziness, Allergies and Head and Neck Surgeries in Jersey City, NJ and West New York and throughout Hudson County, NJ and Bergen County, NJ.